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Loyalty Program
Loyalty program

HappyLuke's Loyalty Program - How it works

You can also unlock higher levels/badges with the coins you collect.

And it isn't hard earning these coins either! A lot of things you do on HappyLuke earn you coins even without knowing it. We've even assembled a rewards list for you so you know how best to spend your coins. By the way, there will be one-time activities that can earn you massive amounts of coins. So better watch out for those. Do take note that there's a limit to how much you can collect in a day.

Ongoing activities

Coins per action
Log in
Play game
Try a new game
Small deposit
Medium deposit
Large deposit
One-time activities

Coins per action
Register an account
Change display name
Verify your account
First deposit
Second deposit
Third deposit
Desktop activities

Activities set on desktop can give out massive amounts of coins you can spend on the Loyalty Shop. But you'll need to be logged on to HappyLuke via desktop to access them! Keep in mind, daily limits still apply to how much coin you can get.

Coins per action
Rate a game
1 coins
Friend signs up and deposits money
250 coins
The shop

HappyLuke's Loyalty Shop is the place where you can spend all the coins you've collected along the way! Use your coins in the Shop to get Deposit Bonuses, Free Spins and Spin Credits - all of which can give you a lucky break! Be sure to be active on the site to collect as many coins as you can! You might even catch a big discount in one of your visits to HappyLuke.


The badges you have showcase how far you've come on HappyLuke! Everybody starts out as a visitor and you eventually unlock better badges as you go along. These badges represent your stay on HappyLuke for all to see!

Your Happyluke Badges aren't just for decoration! Each Badge lets you unlock extra treats inside HappyLuke. Find out what you can get from each badge by hovering your mouse over them.


Earning a new badge unlocks its corresponding avatar for your use. So you'll get a fresh new look right away!

Tournament awards

HappyLuke lets you prove your skill at the table with our Tournaments. Test your luck on slot games or pit your skill against other players on live casinos. CASH and BONUS rewards await alongside your winnings from each round!

Simply take your pick from our list of active tournaments. Choose the tournament you'll be best at, or better yet, maximize your earning by playing all the tournaments!


Achievements are special tokens that you receive by completing a goal on the site. These range from playing a number of different games, winning a certain amount on a game, or just logging in for a set consecutive amount of days. Just hover your mouse of the achievement icon and see what you need to do to get it!

Casino bandits

Beware, sneaky bandits are on the prowl! And if your account doesn't earn any coins for 45 consecutive days, they'll be more than happy take your coins from you!

Don't worry, they won't take everything right away. That gives you time to earn back your lost coins and more by playing again! Your coins will continue being stolen if you stay inactive up to 150 days. By this time, all your coins would likely have been stolen!


Why am I not getting coins anymore?

There are limits for how many times you can be rewarded for each activity. Check out the on-going activities table above to learn more about activity availability

How do I get my rewards

You get your rewards as soon as you level up. Other rewards can be found when you visit the Loyalty Shop!

I got a new badge! What do I get?

You'll be receiving an email when your reward is ready. Everything that's this good can take some time!

Can I buy a Bonus Cup even if I don't deposit right away?

Sure, you can! Your Bonus Cup will apply on the next deposit you make. But why make such a good thing wait? Deposit right away!

So I got a Bonus Cup and wanted to deposit. But it doesn't work!

Bonus Cups have deposit requirements. Make sure to double-check your Bonus Cup's deposit requirement before purchasing it.

How can I use my coins?

You can only use your coins in the Loyalty Shop where you can use them to buy Deposit Bonuses, Free Spins and Spin Credits!

I remember having more coins yesterday! What happened to them?

Either you spent them yesterday or a few casino bandits visited you! Have you contacted our 24/7 Support?

I've done everything! Why can't I get to level 2?

Have you made a deposit though? If not, then that's the final piece of becoming a full-pledged HappyLuke member. Making your first deposit will take your HappyLuke experiennce to new heights!